Pantry Deals

Augason Farms SALES up to 55% off! πŸ₯° 20+ year shelf life- gluten free what a deal!!! Shelf stable long term foods cost a fortune which is why we make many of our own, so when there is deals like this I can not wait to get them, perfect timing. πŸ₯³πŸ™

πŸ“£ Many items in stock ready to ship within 2 day delivery in many parts of the US, or allowed to order because they will be ready to ship within 9 days!

πŸ›‘This will sell fast as they are low in inventory so when they are getting items they are doing all the can to get them to us, it is not hard to see rough times are here, an worse is coming. Don’t regret not getting some extra for peace of mind while you can, what is there to worry about with 20-35 year shelf lives at some point you will use it or know someone who will. If you or someone you love has EBT-SNAP_PEBT benefits please share this info of course you do not need to share my video, but let them know. Many people are in financial hardships, an many families received PEBT from their state for children automatically to help cover/give back the costs from them not having school lunches or breakfast. This is a way that you can have peace of mind, I use many items regularly throughout the year not just in times of power outages, or storms, when we go camping I take some things, an I use things like my protein powder, whole egg powder often if I do not have any fresh eggs. (Chicks don’t like to lay in the cold freezing weather) Some of the links I will get a very tiny percent does not cost you more Amazon gives a itty bitty percent when you share their links- (put it this way I made $1.07 when my friend ordered a bunch of camping stuff this is not a money maker πŸ˜‚ not even during the Great Depression)