It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Flying Pig!

You’ve heard the saying, “When Pigs Fly!”. Well, pigs are now flying, so to speak.

If you find yourself dumbfounded or in shock at some of the crazy thing’s we’re seeing in society, you are not alone.

We are seeing radical regressive shift in society that has left us wondering what the hell is going on. What was once considered too taboo, too chaotic, or too outside the realm of possibility is now here and it’s getting worse with each passing day.

In today’s world, we’re supposed to accept that gender is not tied to biology and we can identify as whatever gender want or make them up as we go. We can see a video of something happen and we’re being told it never happened.

Corporations are donating to groups who participate in terrorist activities on our homeland, yet the cops are told to stand down in many of our countries most famous metropolitan cities. Many cops have been arrested for attempting to keep their communities safe by arresting or taking down people participating in riots.

We’ve also seen a trend in many States of people using various forms of self-defense to stop an attacker, only to find themselves in jail and the attacker let free. In many states, it seems you can illegally break into a house and claim squatter’s rights, take your things and never see any legal trouble.

Censorship was only something other countries did. In the last few years we’ve seen a dramatic increase in overt censorship, election interference and gaslighting. We’re not even allowed to question the election process.

Don’t get me started on questioning the pandemic response, vaccine safety or even possible medical remedies known to work for many. Simply bringing up the subject matter on any form mainstream social media may result in the permanent suspension of your accounts. If you are a doctor, you may find yourself losing your medical license over it.

What we’re seeing now may have well come straight out of the pages of George Orwell’s 1984.

This website aims to share some of the information we cannot discuss anywhere else. We’re looking into ways for others to join the conversation but that does come with risks we must mitigate. The technologies, tools and strategies used to operate this website are designed in direct response to censorship issues we’ve faced.

We don’t want to be just another news website but despite this, we’ll still bringing you news as we see fit to share. Our main focus is to share some of the stuff you won’t find elsewhere.